Natural Fitness Supplements Guide

Natural Fitness Supplements Guide

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Natural Weight Loss Supplements

natural weight lossOur foods are packed with preservatives, hormones, and chemicals that cause our bodies to store fat at an alarming rate now. We all know that we should be eating healthier and working out regularly, but most don't have time or energy to get dedicated workouts. That's why it's a good idea to invest in some natural weight loss supplements that will give you the energy you can feel, and usually is the push you need to get your body moving and even develop the taste for healthier food choices.


The following supplements can be taken individually or together, are listed in the order of what gives you the fastest results. If you do combine, then you can take less of one supplement or cycle one week on some, and one week off. This has always worked the best for me, and keeps your body from becoming accustomed to any one method of extreme fat loss.


These are the natural supplements that I recommend the most for holistic weight loss:

  • hGH Thin Mist (Shuts off fat storage hormones and allows your body to burn brown fat as fuel)
  • Ubervita Thermogenic Abdominal Fat Burner (Proven to release stored body fat for fuel and enhance your metabolism)
  • You do fine with just the first two, but if you want to kickstart it then you can add in any one of the Dr. Oz supplements below)


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Dr. Oz Supplements (They are all pretty good for natural weight loss, because they are also superfoods with high antioxidant levels). You don't need all of them just pick one and combine it with your healthy eating plan and at least 20 minutes of exercise and you will see results :



Natural Bodybuilding

natural bodybuildingNatural Bodybuilding is the way to go if you want results now, and want to keep them for the long term too. It increases your overall health and longevity as opposed to steroids, which gives you almost instant results, but damages your body beyond repair. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger who had heart bypass at a young age. Nuff said. Your muscle fibers are stronger per square inch by using natural supplements than steroids which make your muscle fibers recover with hardened but not very elastic or flexible fibers. As a matter of fact using cooling gloves has been proven in a Stanford research study to be even more effective for muscle recovery than steroids. There are safer steroid alternatives if you must go that route.


The goal is to work with your body's natural cycles and allow it to grow and recover as fast as possible, while not shutting off your natural testosterone and androgenic receptors (you want to keep your sex drive, you know!) The following are the supplements I personally take, and am stronger than most “roided out” muscle heads, with better complexion and attitude too.


You should use all the following natural supplements in combination as they work synergistically (more results than the sum of the parts or taking them separately):

  • Velvet Deer Antler (Natural Testosterone Booster – Muscle Activator and Natural Virility Booster, NFL Player Ray Lewis uses this!)
  • Organic Tribulus Terrestis (Natural androgenic accelerator, charges adrenal glands and produces natural androgens)
  • Nitric Oxide (XtremeNO, a natural arginine based supplement builds fast twitch muscle fiber and increase muscle size)
  • Micronized Creatine (Regenerates ATP, which is your muscle cells energy source, also enhances muscle size)
  • Greens and Whey (Bovine Growth Hormone free whey, with natural green source protein)
  • Organic Hemp Protein (Organic Hemp Protein – Builds strong muscle fibers)


For a complete before, during and after supplement guide (including dosages) visit our Natural Bodybuilding Supplements page.


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Sports Performance

With Sports Performance Supplements, you want to give your body the complete edge in competitive situations. That includes having proper musculature and joint flexibility as well as providing for your body's electrical system so your nervous fire quicker and do not become fatigued, whereas you would not win your competition. You also need to recover quicker so you can be ready for your next game or bout. 

Use the following in combination before your performance and during practice so you'll be used to the feel of the electrical stimulation on your nervous system:

  • Tongkat Ali (LongJack increases athletic performance and gives you an endurance enhancing edge)
  • Rhodiola (Natural adaptogenic herb that increases endurance and lessens muscular fatigue)
  • Mucuna Dopa (Natural L-Dopa enhancer, increase muscular electrical potential and is also androgenic)
  • L-Citruilline (Active form of Arginine, AAKG, Natural increases neuronal transmission speeds, nerve impulse to muscle contraction)
  • Beta-Alanine (Works well together with L-Citruilline, take in a combo 2 parts Citruilline to 1 part Alanine). You can get them together in bulk too, amazing natural stack Citruilline-Alanine!



Recovery and Regeneration

recovery supplementsThis is where all the growth occurs. Working out, sporting events and bodybuilding breaks down your body and severely fatigues your muscles, joints, nervous system and adrenal glands. Working out and participating in sporting events will temporarily weaken your immune system until your body has recovered, because your body is using it's energy to repair damaged tissues and muscles. It's vitally important that you recover fully, so you get a net growth effect, and feel leaner, stronger and faster than ever before.


Use these natural supplements in combination and you'll not only look better, you'll feel that unstoppable youthful vigor like you have never felt it before:

  • Organic Gelatinized Maca Root (Allows full recovery for Adrenal Glands – Prevents Adrenal Fatigue)
  • Organic Ashwagandha (Indian Ayurvedic herb that helps your body recover from intense physical stress, like that of working out)
  • Glutamine (Allows muscles to recuperate faster and enhances immune system too)
  • Glycine (Eases muscle pain and allows muscular recovery to occur faster)
  • Mushroom Complex (Enhances your Immune System, which gets wiped out during physical exhaustion)
  • Joint Protector (Your joints are your weakest link, protecting them is essential to your health and fitness goals)


Eucalyptus Extract

pure eucalyptus extract

This is the best Natural Eucalyptus Oil Extract I've ever tried! Not only is it the best priced, it has the best smell (some of the higher priced ones don't smell very good). I use this after my workout, or when I need to speed some healing to my body and mind. You can use this in a sauna or steam room, and simply get a plastic or glass spray bottle (glass is best) and spray it into the steam or around heat source like an infrared sauna.


It will fill the air with highly healthy essential oil extract that will clear your sinuses, get rid of germs on contact, helps get any cold or flu symptoms out of your body. You can rub it directly on your joints, for a deep penetrating effect that helps break up excess calcium deposits in your joints, that lead to arthritis. It also helps with joint/muscle pain when massaged into your skin. 


Click on the Now Eucalyptus Oil bottle for more information or to get the best Eucalyptus oil you've ever tried, bar none! You will also need an atomizer bottle that is made for essentials oils that will allow you to spray it into the steam our lightly onto the skin (avoid eyes). You can get a good quality one here: atomizer bottle kit to go along with your Now Eucalyptus Oil.

Natural Fat Loss Supplement

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