The Importance of Natural Supplements for Power and Performance

Natural Supplements for Positive Power and Performance without the Negatives!


Natural Power and Performance

natural supplementationWhen it comes to power and performance, nothing beats going natural period. If you're in the game for life (like I am) then you want to not only be powerful with peak performance now, but you want it to get better as you progress every day. You can't get that going the steroid and chemical route. Choosing natural power and performance supplements gives you the edge now, and every other now you'll ever encounter. You want to get better each day, especially as you get older, and I hope wiser. That's why you're here reading this.


Anyone can attempt to take a “magic pill” or “juice it up” but they're damaging their health, and a few years from now they will not only look and feel like crap, but they will have damaged their bodies from the inside out. Steroids cause serious health risks and eventually lead to poor performance and poor health (although there are safer natural steroid alternatives that don't have those risk factors). Many people who dabble in these type of performance enhancing supplements will visit a hospital emergency room because of the side effects of steroids.


Not what the intelligent athlete or even weekend warrior wants. Life goes on and you want to look and feel Better as Father Time moves forward, not worse. Going natural is the solution that gives you superior power and performance now, and also years from now.


Natural vs. Chemical Supplementation

Looking good and feeling good is one of your most powerful assets. The advantages of natural supplementation are many:

  • Muscle, Tendon and Ligament Elasticity (Better reflex time, and less injury factor)
  • More powerful muscle contractions (your muscles are more solid, not like the sponginess of chemical induced gains)
  • More sustained power (No, one and done as there are no chemicals to wear off, just pure power)
  • Better looking skin (when you “juice it up” your body tries to get rid of the toxins through the skin, and it looks bad)
  • Increases natural testosterone and growth hormone (steroids shuts them off, and jacks up your love life)
  • Increases natural energy levels (no up and down energy or mood swings)
  • Increases your whole health level, from the heart to skin (you look and feel years younger)

There is no comparison as to why you should go natural. You actually “Keep” the results you train long and hard for. If you're a man you stay a man. If you're a woman you become even sexier as your skin tone becomes beautiful and your muscles underneath are toned and irresistible to a romantic partner. You are working with your body and natural hormone cycles to allow yourself to be the best you ever. You just can't go wrong!


Here is Jonathan Pratt a power athlete and male fitness model before and after adding the natural stack and working out using a power fitness routine:

before natural supplmentsnatural fitness male model









Here is what he has to say about adding natural supplements like deer antler to his power fitness routine:

Having had good results with each product I also feel they work well as a stack. Every stack should consist of a good quality protein, as this is the foundation for building and maintaining muscle. The micronized creatine and deer antler then provided me with the strength and energy boosts I was looking for. Looking at the ‘before and after’ photos you can see I have made some good gains. There looks to be much more quality to my physique, I think I look much harder and defined.  I’m not saying for a minute that this is solely down to these products, as my training regime and strict diet play a massive part in achieving the desired results. However, knowing your own body is important when trying to achieve any physical goal and I know these products definitely helped me in achieving my gains. All in all I’ve found it a great stack and I would recommend trying these products to anyone who wants to push their physiques to the next level.

Jonathan Pratt – Fitness Model – 2012

Try using the “natural stack” of power and performance enhancing supplements and see your results begin to soar. Check out Natural Velvet Deer Antler Growth Power Formula and see how athletes are using it to build their best performing bodies ever. Now it's your turn to succeed! For more information on the complete natural stack formula click here.


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