DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Treatment

Got DOMS? Use This Natural Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Treatment – That Looks as Good as It Works!


DOMS Relief

There a new technology in active wear called “compression apparel.” This new line of muscle enhancing fashion gear is called Skins™. It's Compression Wear that offers a wide range of fitness clothing items that target all the muscle groups and promotes rapid recovery from delayed onset muscle soreness and also increases athletic performance and provides you better circulation.


These high tech fitness gear called simply “Skins™” come in Sport Short Sleeve / Long Sleeve Tops and is engineered using gradient compression which improves circulation and muscle support and stops DOMS before it even begins. Skins uses muscle wrapping seams, which improve power and endurance.  This unique compression provides Skins™ wearers a better performance posture, it aids respiratory and cardio function, allowing you to take in more oxygen and deeper more powerful breaths.


Skins™ athletic gear also works well to relieve delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) when worn after exercise.  To find out more or get your own Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Treatment Gear, Click on the one of the Skins Tops below.

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