Cooling For Recovery and Muscle Growth

Cooling for Recovery and Muscle Growth?


Stanford University's New Cooling Glove Boosts Exercise Recovery  

heat and cold in handsIs The Cold Treatment as good as anabolic steroids for after workout soreness recovery and subsequent muscle growth? The common understanding is that you need to perform proper muscle activating workouts to achieve overall muscle growth, but the muscle recovery phase is where this growth actually happens.


Working out is very important as that creates the muscle breakdown that creates micro-tears in muscle fiber that spur healing and recovery leading to subsequent growth. Actually I don't even recommend steroids for muscle activation because of the long-term side effects that can cause enlarged organs and other anomalies. I would use a safe steroid alternative first, and ideally use technologies like muscle cooling if it gives the same or better results, without any side effects.


This is an amazing discovery because it's something that we can all easily do and reap and extreme performance advantage – and take our game to the next level. It's something that some of us always suspected but thanks to Stanford University researchers, they've given us hard scientific evidence of exactly that, and we get the benefit of their arduous research.


Take a look at what Stanford researchers have discovered about the effects of cooling on muscle recovery and athletic performance: 


These are great gloves, but very expensive!


I think we can get a much better solution and a better price and probably most of the benefits of that expensive system in for a much lower price. Enter the simple inexpensive cooling gloves.

Inexpensive Cooling Gloves

cooling glovesYou don't need to fork over all that dough, unless you have spare dollars just floating around. The whole idea is body cooling post exercise set or athletic event. You can do what I do which is take alternating showers after I workout (1 minute hot, followed by 1 minute cold for 3 sets). Then get an elasto-gel cooling glove and keep it going, or even use it between sets to get a natural growth spurt or to break a personal record. 


It's not rocket science, but it is hard science and you most sure should do this if you want all the benefits of superior performance, recovery and muscular growth. It even helps for brown fat remove excess body fat and weight loss. Combine it with some good natural muscle recovery supplements like Glutamine, Glycine and Nitric Oxide and you will recover faster than ever and hit your goals sooner rather than later! For a complete guide to natural bodybuilding or sports supplementation with dosages and both pre and post workout recommendations visit: Natural Bodybuilding Supplement Guide


So, what are you waiting for? Get your stone cold moves on and show the world how it's done. “Cold Gotta Be!” (Taken from the movie Airplane, if you remember that classic!) Click Here to find out more.

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