Hemp Protein Powder Benefits

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Hemp Protein Powder Benefits

What are the best Organic Hemp Protein Powder Benefits? Hemp Protein is actually the most bio-available (able to be used by your body and not just undigested and out of your body quickly) protein on the planet! It is easier to digest than either Whey or Soy and is a complete protein with a complete branch chain amino acid profile (BCAA's).

It has the highest natural vibrational level (under a Darkfield microscope, which measures the photon or light energy emission from all living things.) It is easily absorbable can be used by the body rapidly because of it's high enzyme level. It's protein structure is very strongly bound, so it leads to strong muscle fibers being built by your body.

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Organic Hemp Protein Powder 

Organic Hemp Protein Powder is the best for muscle recovery after a workout or competition. It is the most absorbable protein you can get that gives you results you can actually feel. Hemp is a master protein that makes stronger and healthier tissues in your body.


You can also use hemp seed extract for an extreme amount of medicinal benefits, like natural pain relief, cancer and virus protection, as well as natural treatments for many chronic inflammation conditions like arthritis and diabetes. For more information on the hemp protein powder benefits, including hemp seed extract or CBD Hemp Oil.

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Hemp Protein Benefits

There are so many Hemp Protein Benefits that it would take a whole book (and there are plenty of them) that describe all the benefits of hemp protein and hemp seed extracts. Here are a few organic hemp protein powder benefits:


  • More absorbable amino acids (proteins) than milk, meat or eggs.
  • A complete protein source – more balanced and digestible than Soy.
  • Contains about 47% oil, 78% of which is Omega or Essential Fats.
  • Contains all the Essential or Omega Fats required for human health.
  • Contains several times more Omega 3 Essential Fats than any fish.
  • More energy than energy bars or drinks but with no sugar and less saturated fat suitable for those unable to eat Gluten, Sugar, Milk, Nuts or Meat.


Organic Hemp Powder  also provides more sustained energy, without a crash for active lifestyles and even extreme sports. If you're looking for the best advantage you can get, then you must include some organic hemp protein to your pre and post workout or sporting events.  You won't need to add extra sugar or dextrose because it has all the levels of natural carbs you will need.


Just mix the hemp protein powder with alkaline ionized water or juice and add your favorite ingredients, Nitric Oxide, Micronized Creatine (they are already in the proper ratio of carbs to protein and omega's) or other natural supplements for an incredibly productive workout or sporting event. For Muscle Building visit the page on Natural Bodybuilding Supplements.

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Hemp Protein vs Whey

Which is best: Hemp Protein vs Whey? Why is hemp protein the best protein, and even better than whey protein isolates or concentrates? It's even an excellent source for weight loss because it raises your metabolism by building lean muscle. It greatly helps one seeking an easy diets that build lean muscle and promote rapid fat loss, like the caveman or paleo diet.  For more information visit What is The Paleo Diet?


One thing you'll notice that is absent from this type of protein (that are in whey) are all the bovine growth hormones (that create excess estrogen in the body), antibiotics (which kill your own immune system), pus (yeah, nasty stuff), genetically engineered viruses (from the food they are fed). Unless the whey comes from open range, grass fed and organically raised cows, then you're getting all these things and a whole lot more.


You will be stronger, last longer, recover quicker (with less muscle soreness, because of all the essential oils and omega 3-6-9 plus GLA), and no stomach upset. Your skin will be more radiant, yeah no bumps on the back, face or muscles like with the GE crap. Plus you're also helping the environment (the water YOU drink and the air YOU breathe), organic farmers, animals, and your own friends, family and children. Yeah, this is really good stuff.

hemp protein powder benefits

Hemp Protein Powder

Since I've been using organic hemp protein powder supplements (including those that use organic CBD oil) instead of my natural whey protein drink, I have gained more lean muscle mass, lost excess bodyfat, and have cleared up my skin, and my face looks clean and clear now, and really radiant! This is one part of a great health and longevity program, and a very important one at that!

What I do is combine one serving before working out with organic juice like kale, chard, broccoli and spinach, and less powerful models don't handle that well) that I juice fresh before my workout. If you can do this it will give you by far the greatest advantage known to humankind. All bottled or canned juices are pasteurized and thereby have their enzymes (and a lot of vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals lost because of the excessive heat.)


I then use two scoops after my workout. This is the recovery period where growth happens and your immune system gets a big boost too (If you consume a high quality protein source like hemp (or secondly hemp and whey protein) and natural green juices, some fruit juices are ok too. Then add my scoop(s) of hemp protein or (1 scoop organic hemp and 1 scoop of hemp and whey recovery protein.)


Stir it in or use a shaker bottle. You won't believe the amazing results that happen quickly. The juicing and hemp protein effect is noticeable within 1 month. You look better (skin appears more radiant and elastic) and you feel better too (lose that sluggishness) because of the high level of nutrition. Your body will love you! 

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Best Hemp Protein Powder

So which is the Best Hemp Protein Powder? Don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself! It's all gain with less pain, and greater results in less time. It is also a brain food – so you'll even think clearer and be sharper in social settings or educational ones. Leave your comments on your personal results, I'm sure you'll be as amazed as I am!  Make sure you do get Organic Hemp Protein, because of it's higher assimilation and vibration (the higher the vibration, the more energy your body, brain and muscles get.)


I use organic hemp protein powder in a mix, called MaiaLife CBD Powered Protein Blend. It has 25mg of CBD per serving along with delicious tasting chocolate protein in the ideal combination. It is easy to digest and power your weight loss routines, workouts and post-workout recovery. I highly recommend taking it post workout and it helps your muscles recover fully.  

hemp protein powder benefits

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