How to Increase Muscle Insulin Sensitivity

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How to Increase Muscle Insulin Sensitivity

Want to supercharge your lean muscle building and fat burning results at the same time naturally? You need to learn How to Increase Muscle Insulin Sensitivity because it is the key between being strong and lean or being bulky and fat. Certain hormones in your body like AMPk cause fat storage when you eat carbohydrate and prevent stored body fat being used as fuel or energy for your workouts.


Your muscles need glucose (carbohydrates) to build volume (muscular hypertrophy) and also for strong muscle contractions. The problem is when you don't use all the carbohydrates you have ingested and they are stored as body fat instead. You'll discover How to Increase Muscle Insulin Sensitivity using Keto carb blockers help use these carbs as energy instead of body fat storage so you get the best of both worlds; build healthy lean muscle mass and burn stored body fat as energy. 

increase muscle insulin sensitivity

Insulin Mimetic Supplements

Insulin Mimetic Supplements allow your body to be more sensitive to glucose (increase muscle insulin sensitivity) so it uses it preferentially to build muscle cells rather than for fat storage. It re-partitions any carbs or sugars you ingest (it helps when you accidentally take in sugars or carbs) so they are used by your muscle cells for building new muscle fibers and to power your workouts or athletic activities. Here is what using a keto carb blocker like Blood Sugar Optimizer will do for you right now:

  • Transforms carbohydrates into lean muscle mass
  • Turns on Your AMPk fat storage burn and release hormone naturally
  • Stops Cravings and Hunger by turning on your satiety (fullness) hormone signal
  • Actively Stops Your Body from Storing any Carbs You Eat from Turning into Body Fat

These natural insulin mimickers allow your body to use the carbohydrates you need to fuel your workout and rebuild muscle tissue without adding abdominal fat. it's about getting the right hormonal switches in your body set so they go to muscle cells instead of fat cells. How to Increase Muscle Insulin Sensitivity using the Blood Sugar Optimizer shown at the bottom of this page does that safely and naturally.

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How to Build Lean Muscle Fast

Using a natural carbohydrate partitioning supplement (transforms carbohydrates into muscle cells for muscle volume and muscle strength) is How to Build Lean Muscle Fast. Carbohydrates (muscle glucose) are how your body builds new muscle volume and strength but you don't want the side effect of fat storage that goes with carb consumption. When you flex your muscles during a workout, event or exercise your muscles contract by receiving a nerve impulse from your brain that you with what you want it to do, then your muscles burn muscle glycogen (carbohydrate stored in muscle cells) to extend and contract. 


It is the reason why athletes carb load (eat carbohydrates) before muscle exertion or an athletic competition so they will have the muscle strength and power to contract their muscles as powerfully and as quickly as possible, for as long as possible. You want to increase muscle insulin sensitivity so you can build lean muscle without adding stored abdominal fat or body fat.


The only issue with that is what is unused will turn to body fat! If you want to build lean muscle, then you need to partition those carbs away from fat storage and into muscle cells so you can build, bigger and more powerful lean muscle mass that works for you when you need it to. How to Increase Muscle Insulin Sensitivity using a carbohydrate partitioner like Blood Sugar Breakthrough (shown below) does exactly that. 


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Blood Sugar Breakthrough

When you want to build lean muscle mass and burn your stored body fat while increasing muscle insulin sensitivity (prevents diabetes and metabolic syndrome too) then you need a natural supplement that transforms carbs into lean muscle tissue quickly. Using the Blood Sugar Breakthrough, pictured above) does just that and more.


Blood sugar optimizer is the best way to naturally increase muscle insulin sensitivity so you can build pure lean muscle mass that can power you past any obstacle, without adding stored body fat in the process. You should take a dose before your largest meals or those that contain the most carbohydrates. Also before and after your workouts so you can power your workout and burn body fat as fuel and build new lean muscle afterward.


This natural insulin mimetic will turn carbs into muscle energy and help you burn stored body fat as energy too. They work really well and you'll be able to tell the difference from your first workout. Click on the image below to start using Blood Sugar Breakthrough today and build lean muscle and melt away your stored abdominal body fat. 


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