Outdoor Workouts – Take Your Exercise Fitness Outside for Greater Results!

Did you know that you can greatly increase your strength, stamina and endurance by simply doing outdoor exercise?


Outdoor Workouts

outdoor workoutYou can increase your strength, endurance and stamina by 12 – 20% just by working out outdoors, like a workout in a park, instead of in your standard inside gym or fitness center. This is amazing new research that shows that when you are working out outside you body is synthesizing much more energy that it would by being inside under fluorescent or standard incandescent lamps.  There are many more benefits that just this.


Benefits of Doing Outside Fitness:

  • Natural Energy Synthesis (Increased Vitamin synthesis in your body particularly Vitamin D, for strong Joints, Bones and Immune system)
  • Increased body oxygenation (you are breathing cleaner and more circulated air – not every one else's carbon dioxide)
  • Increased Strength (particularly if you are on a natural surface like, grass, dirt or even natural stone)
  • Increased Endurance (especially if you are in barefoot contact with the earth or using natural materials and socks on your feet)
  • Increased Stamina (The earth's electro-magentic field actually removes toxins and harmful EMF's that sap your stamina)
  • Increased Anti-oxidant production – again from the grounding (or earthing) effect of being in nature
  • Elevates Mood
  • Increased muscular contractions
  • Decreased boredom factor
  • Decreased body oxidation
  • Decreases Natural Treatment of Depression


As you can see there are many benefits of working outside if you possibly can. But don't worry if you actually can't because there is a new solution to this dilemma for those who because of severe weather, inaccessibility to an outdoor exercise area or park, and limited mobility just can't do it. What you can do is bring the outside – inside! You can get a natural grounding pad (earthing pad) and also natural full-spectrum indoor lighting.


This will increase your workout motivation, capacity and overall health. Even health problems can magically disappear (well, it's actually not magic if you understand the science.) I recommend you get a book called Earthing – by Clint Ober and Dr. Sinatra, this is probably one of the greatest health and fitness discoveries of the 21st century. I'll let you be the judge! I've tried it and I am a lot more motivated and hit my top set (natural bodybuilding) in strength lifts much better than when I'm working inside at the local 24 hour fitness.


I highly recommend you try it for yourself. Here are the following items that you can do your own research on, and let me know how well it works for you:

You not only get the added strength, agility, endurance and workout benefits, but improved immune system, full body detox and mood elevation, all by being grounded while working out. If you do workout outside with shoes on, try and get the grounded type of shoes (the soles of the shoes are made of natural materials – non-insulating). You'll watch your results and overall health soar!


Enjoy a Turbulence Workout

A great way to get a quick start is to use the Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne, one of the best trainers in the world!  He shows people how they can workout smarter, rather than harder and actually achieve much better results.  They have programs engineered specifically for women, as well as men looking to lose bodyfat and boost muscle tone. It’s by doing turbulence variance training.  It builds lean muscle faster, as well as uses the stored body fat as fuel!  Visit the Turbulence Training program site and get a free workout guide to get you started on the new improved fit and toned You!


Turbulence Training



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