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Discover The Performance Nutrition and Diet Plan That Makes You Release Stored Fat Calories as Energy!

Performance Diet Nutrition Plans

Performance nutrition should not be bland and tasteless! You will not stick with any such diet plan for very long. I know I don't. I love getting top results, and I want to enjoy the journey along the way. Taste and quality nutrition are highly important if you're planning to fuel your body into its ideal state of looking and feeling. It's about stopping the fat storage hormones and increasing the natural production of fat burning hormones. That way your body will not be working against you, by storing excess fat as a buffer against stressful times (survival mode.)


I know how bad most people want to get there, and you will if you make peace with you are right now. Resistance keeps you locked into the current “what is” situation and raises cortisol and other bodily chemistry that holds onto excess weight that robs you of performance and results. The first step you need to take is to just relax, and let go. Your body will naturally move into a more powerful state where your performance and fat loss goals can be EASILY obtained. It's time to Finally Drop That Belly!


A Great Performance Nutrition and Diet Plan

Combining the highest quality foods (Get a Breville Die-Cast 1000 Watt Juicer – You get all the health promoting and fat releasing enzymes that are lost during pasteurization of pre-packaged drinks) with appropriate activity will supercharge how quickly you experience your goals. Choosing natural organic produce and ethically raised foods are very important as they do not have the chemicals that cause your body to store excess body fat and cause disease and sickness.


It's already been scientifically proven that plants and animals take on the vibration of their environment (the secret life of plants) and if they are being sprayed with poisons or treated poorly their cellular structures make “stress chemicals” that we in turn ingest. We don't want to take on the suffering of any living thing if possible. The higher vibration our food is the greater our performance and happiness. Try it for yourself, and you'll never go back!


All living things have a specific rate of energy vibration that can be seen in Kirlian photography or under a Darkfield microscope to name a few. When you take foods and drinks into your body that are high energy, you actually raise your personal energy stores and vibrational rate. Not only does this have physical benefits, it also has spiritual benefits, as you're pineal gland is vibrating faster and therefore you can hear the voice of inspiration and creativity that is being freely given to you. You can't hear that voice while you're eating dead nutrition!



A Living Nutrition Diet

It's not only what you eat but how you combine it:

  • Eat your high fat foods at a different time than sugary foods if possible
  • Eat simple carbs (sugary foods) with a complex carbohydrate source (low GI Foods)
  • Combine fast acting proteins like whey with complex carbs (unless you’ve just worked out)
  • Drink green tea or yerba mate, and do have your coffee before any activity (there is some fat loss and performance benefits)
  • Eat fat burning foods like celery, broccoli and any greens as much as you desire
  • Eat high enzyme producing fruits like papaya and pineapple with protein or by themselves

You can find more meal planning strategies on the Nutrition and diet website that can help you get to where you want to be even faster than you've ever dreamed.  


You will want to take before and after pictures before you begin this program as your friends and family will want to know what you did to look like a Greek God or Goddess so quickly.  You will look better naked (or in those skinny jeans you have in your closet) before the month is over. Watch the video below to see which foods you can use to get rid of unhealthy excess body fat. You're new life will begin as soon as you do!



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