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I’m passionate about all aspects of natural health, fitness, nutrition and natural healing. There is a natural way to accomplish anything that you desire that is good for you, as well as good for those around you. It’s a win/win situation when you choose the natural route to optimum wellness and peak fitness.



The right plants, herbs, foods, technologies and supplements will “make intuitive sense” to us and we heal and perform at our highest level. We can feel better than we have for a long time, with boundless energy, a sense of purpose in our lives and the desire to share this happiness and sense of unity with others who are ready or in vibrational harmony. 


Words alone don’t teach, only experience does that and knowledge is wonderful but wisdom (applied knowledge) is even better. Please check out my health, fitness and natural healing blog and discover how you can help yourself and inspire those you love to live their best life each and every day. I bless you today with Love, Peace, Prosperity, Healing, Harmony and Appreciation!


James Cruise

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