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What is Exercise Induced Asthma? Prevent Your Next Sports Induced Asthma Attack

Asthma and Exercise

sports induced asthmaExercise Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the bronchial tubes and airway that obstructs and blocks the airway and makes breathing extremely difficult, particularly when you’re exercising and have an expanded need for oxygen. It results in almost instant wheezing and the inability to catch your breath. It can be a severe condition requiring emergency medical attention if you don’t have any asthma drops or an inhaler handy. It can be aggravated by participating in sports and exercise routines particularly when it’s smoggy outside or there are other particles in the air like smog, cigarette smoke, dust, pollen or pet dander (their dead skin cells).


Professional athletes have to prepare themselves for this and often take classes in meditation and breathing exercises for asthma to condition the airways and lungs to not react negatively to the need for more oxygen. Even Jackie Joyner-Kersee resorted to using an inhaler after she won a race. There are much better methods to deal with asthma prevention and treatment.


Asthma – Exercise Induced Prevention

Asthma during sports or exercise caused by histamines (things that cause your body to react negatively to substances and causes your body to have an immune response). This leads to your airways becoming inflamed and swollen, limiting the amount of air you can inhale into your lungs, just when you need it the most! If you panic you will make it even worse. The most common symptoms you might notice are:

  • Wheezing while you’re running
  • Tightness in the chest area
  • Chronic cough or throat irritation
  • Itching skin particularly around the throat area
  • A sudden feeling of discomfort (an imminent attack)

The best way to prevent or stop an asthma attack is to train your body not to react to the histamine or substance creating the negative reaction in your body.Fortunately there are some exercises and techniques you can use to help prevent attacks from happening in the first place.

Exercise for Asthma Control

Emotional Freedom Technique can be a good tool to learn. It involves sensitivity training (EFT Tapping) can be a positive way to help you not react to the sensation of an attack and stop it before it even starts. It involves breathing deeply and tapping on specific points on the body to desensitize them from reacting negatively during your exercise or sporting event. Learn how to meditate and maybe take a tai chi or yoga class because it trains you to have that mind body connection to allow greater control of your own body so when faced with a health issue you can calmly respond instead of instinctively react and continue what you want to do. I recommend taking some natural asthma control herbs or homeopathy drops for asthma until you can control this with only your mind-body connection – the long term goal.


Bruce Frantzis is a martial artist and longevity breathing expert and shows you how to better develop your lungs for sport and longevity:

For More information on Bruce Frantzis’ method visit: Longevity Breathing


Natural Treatments for Sports Induced Asthma

Asthma is a serious condition that can fully block the airways if it gets really bad so it’s necessary to have an inhaler or fast acting asthma control formula with you or within a minutes reach from you. Always remember to use a holistic formula before you go outside on a smoggy day or when you go hiking, swimming, exercising or participate in a sporting event. Swimming in particular irritates the airways and lungs  and induces asthma attacks because of all the chemicals, particularly chlorine in the water. Swimming in the ocean is easier for asthmatics because it usually has less harmful chemicals (unless there is a natural or man made catastrophe that you will avoid for sure!)


asthma freeBeing free from asthma completely by learning to recognize the source of the histamine that is causing the attack and responding calmly will allow you to keep your airways open. Look at the Asthma Free Forever guide for the long-term solutions to removing the source of you or your child’s asthma condition. Choose holistic natural and herbal formulas because they are non-addictive and allow your body to heal naturally without adding other harmful chemicals. Prescription medications and inhalers are wonderful for emergencies but are very harmful in the long term because of the estrogenic hormones and additives.


Begin Your healing process and slowly get yourself off the standard medications and into a healthy state that no longer requires steroid inhalers or medications. You don’t need anything to slow you down anymore. Be sure to use preventative measures so you won’t have an attack by choosing a natural asthma relief formula like Biovent. Use it as a preventative before you go out or go exercising and also as an emergency treatment. Asthma can be a medical emergency so please be prepared and keep some handy when you need it!


Here’s what some bronchial asthma sufferers are saying about Biovent drops:

“I’m 23 and after researching holistic products online I came across Biovent Drops. I ordered it and started taking it regularly – 3 times a day. I was skeptical about how drops that are taken internally could work but I stuck with it. Let me tell you I feel like a new woman! Thank you for helping me!”

— Martine, IL, USA

“… I went from doctor to doctor, and was even hospitalized… I saw this site and read the testimonials. I said, “Okay, I’ll give it a try.” The day I received BioVent was one of my worst days for attacks …I took one dose, and I swear not an hour later, I could breathe like I never even had a problem. I have been using it for only two days now, and I almost cried at the relief I have. Please don’t ever stop making this product! To the people who are reading this, I was nervous about spending money on anything else. I am so glad I did.”

— Andrea, IN, USA

“My daughter is 16 – I have found your combination most helpful and fully believe in natural ways to improve one’s health. I was particularly impressed with the combination of your ingredients. This means that there is a savior for people like me who prefer the natural way but end up with dozens of little bottles in the medicine cabinet! This time just two do the trick!”

— Greta, UK

 Click on the Biovent Herbal and Homeopathic asthma control bottle below and be ready for anything!


biovent - asthma treatmentBioVent Benefits

  • Helps maintain open, clear airways
  • Encourages easy, steady breathing
  • Relaxes the bronchioles for respiratory calm
  • Promotes long-term respiratory health and functioning
  • Supports healthy lungs and air passages
  • Supports the immune system
  • Fast-acting formula in a concentrated tincture


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