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How to Run Safe



run safe

Knee Pain From Running

Whether you run marathons, run triathlons, run to compete or just for the superior health benefits, then it is important to protect your knees. Your knees are the weakest link and the most vulnerable to the stress and impact of running (or even power walking).


Protect your knees, and they will keep you fit and active for a whole lifetime. What good is 5 years of running followed by the rest of your life behind a walker or in constant severe pain. Not a good long-term idea and I’m going to show you what you can do to save yourself from knee arthritis or runner’s knee.


Protect Knees From Shock

There are a few things you can do to not only protect your knees but also to actually excel when you do run. You don’t need to sacrifice knee pain for winning your competition or staying fit and lean. Here are some things you will want to consider to lessen the impact of running or power walking:


Pre-Workout (Before a Run or Power Walk)

  • Massage Your Knees (Rub your knees with the palm of your hands for at least 30 seconds each)
  • Warm Up (perform a few bent-knee squats before you run)
  • Run or Walk barefoot if possible (Yes, this is the natural way to run and it actually keeps your joints at the proper angle)
  • Run on the beach (This is both fun as well as less impactful on your joints)
  • Run on grass or dirt (Then asphalt or concrete in the order of less impact to most)
  • Use grounded or earthed shoes (This dissipates some of the free radicals caused by the impact and oxygenation of running
  • Run or Walk Close to the Ground (Try and not lift your feet too high, unless you’re jumping over a log)

Post-Workout (After your Run or Power Walk)

  • Hydrate (Yes, drink plenty of water, alkaline ionized water if you have it available)
  • Take your shoes off (And make bare foot contact with the grass, dirt or ground)
  • Self-Massage (Massage your knees to prevent post-exercise inflammation)
  • Nutrition (Eat a salad with plenty of leafy greens (natural calcium) and a lean protein source
  • Supplementation  (Take some omega-3’s, Glucosamine and MSM or a all-in-one type supplement)

The main reason we get knee pain after running is because of the impact stress, and inflammation that accumulates in the knee and joint areas that becomes stagnant and eventually hard. Follow the above simple tips and you won’t end up with the dreaded Runner’s Knee!

Consider Earthing Shoes


Earthing Shoes for Women

earthing shoes for women

Earthing Shoes for Men

earthing shoes for men

You not only get the added strength, flexibility and stamina, but improved immune system, full body detox and mood elevation, all by being grounded. If you do outside walking or jogging with shoes on, try and get the grounded type of shoes (the soles of the shoes are made of natural materials – non-insulating). You’ll prevent excessive pain and inflammation and watch your overall health soar!


Run Safe at Home

My personal recommendation is to get as low impact as possible. A little stress is a good thing, and we want to minimize the wear and tear on our joints to prevent knee arthritis in the long run. If you can train at home and save the impact of running for the actual event even better. Here are the top two cardio exercisers that you can use to train at home and save your knees:


The Non-Impact Recumbent Bike

Nautilus has built a unique reputation based upon proper mechanics that strengthen muscles and support the joint socket. Jack LaLanne was their inspiration for a long time on their designs. Fortunately for us they have it down to a science now. When you’re dealing with arthritis, particularly arthritic knees, you want to stress comfort and no impact training as the core of your knee strengthening program. Using a recumbent bike that has comfortable back support is the best step to re-gaining your mobility (and your life) back again. Click on the Nautilus Recumbent Bike below and discover a new world of possibilities and permanent arthritis relief opening up to you.

Nautilus R514 Recumbent Bike

The Non-Impact Elliptical Trainer

This superior cardiovascular trainer is geared to build strength and stability while allowing fluid range for your knee socket. This is one of the best long-term solutions in increasing your overall health and performance levels. Just click on the Nautilus Elliptical Trainer and move away from pain into happiness (exercise produces natural feel-good hormones and elevates your mood) and freedom!

Nautilus E514 Elliptical
I recommend getting either a recumbent bike (they provide the very necessary back support over upright bikes) or an elliptical cross trainer. They both provide a non-impact (this is so important because you don’t want to aggravate your joints) exercise that will lubricate your joints, provide pain relief and actually strengthen your muscles and take stress off of your joints. They are both very comfortable and supporting of your body as you workout.


They provide easy yet smooth resistance and will give you a total body workout that will strengthen your bones, tendons, ligaments and joints. As we age our bodies lose precious calcium, magnesium and silica, which leads to increased risk of fracture and arthritis pain symptoms. By working out regularly and taking a few key arthritis supplements (at the bare minimum Joint Protection Herbs) you can make sure it will not be you that is experiencing these health challenges.  Please do this and comment here afterwards and help others with the same success that you have experienced!

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