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How to Prevent and Relieve Back Pain Naturally


relieve back pain


Natural Back Pain Relief

Tweaking your back while on the court, field or doing any strenuous physical activity can cause pulled muscles to sprain or strain causing intense, severe pain. If your back hurts and you don’t do anything about it, it can end up lasting for quite a long time, always nagging you in the background and limiting your performance.


Not only that, but it can cause your whole body to become out of it’s proper balance, and cause muscles to overexert on one side and become weak and atrophied on the other side. It can affect how you loo, feel and perform as well. There are some great ways to keep your back strong and balanced and free from pain.


areas of back pain

Common Back Problems

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Sports Back Pain Signs:

  • Popping Back
  • Upper back pain or burning sensation
  • Lower back pain particularly when you are bending
  • Pain in the neck, upper or lower back, and even the tail bone
  • Stiffness that causes difficulty in bending down or turning to the side
  • Numbness anywhere in the spinal column
  • Weakness in the legs
  • Urinary problems

These are signs of a back injury or using bad form or posture that are most likely causing your back pain. You also may have either sprained or strained your back muscles, pulled a muscle, compressed a disk or have pinched nerves. 


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When your back is out of proper alignment nothing works quite right for you. Fortunately there are plenty of things you can do to not only ease the pain, but improve your quality of life and physical performance.


Using natural anti-inflammatories an help for the occasional overexertion type sprains and strains. Strenghtening and properly balancing the muscles of back and core will help prevent any futher injuries from happening. Using proper lifting techniques and posture can help improve your game all around! 


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Proper Posture and Lifting

Don’t overlook the importance of proper posture and lifting for a healthy back. You want to lift with your legs and not your back when you’re not specifically working out your back muscles, as in deadlifts (where you do this under control and for that purpose.) Workouts including some back exercises can help you prevent injuries in the future and keep you doing what you do best.


Proper posture keep your back muscles, nerves and disks in proper alignment, and will allow you to do everything else better. A good posture will also improve your confidence, vocal tone and keep you looking younger.


Ergonomics, is the science of posture, while sitting, standing or moving. It’s keeping proper body mechanics so you don’t strain or oveexert your spine, muscles or tendons by using proper form. This is common for people who develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Not using proper ergonomic posture causes nerve pain and tendonitis. Same thing happens to your spine when good posture is not used.


inversion therapy


How to Relieve Back Pain Naturally

After using proper lifting techniques and ergonomics, there are some natural ways to ease your back pain, when some overexertion or injury occurs. Take some natural muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory herbs or blend like Heal and Soothe. Make use of your local sauna or jacuzzi too. Take a warm bath with epsom salts in it to relieve pain. Alternating showers are great too, one minute hot, then one minute cold, then repeat for 10 minutes.


Using an Inversion Chair or table helps you to stretch your back muscles, lengthen your spinal column, and take pressure off your nerves and disks. It’s a good way to bring proper blood flow to you upper back and brain, and reduce pooling in your feet. It really stretches your back and eases pain away.


Also there is a good muscle balance therapy that has good success at healing most back pain, particularly from overexertion, strains, sprains and even chronic back pain.  Watch the video below to see a brief demonstration on how this works to heal back pain quickly and safely:


For More Information visit: The Back Pain Institute Muscle Balance Therapy

You can even help your friends and teammates if their back hurts too! No dangerous or costly medicines or surgeries (these permanently damage your body, not heal it!) Ask the people you see in your gym who use these methods. I have, and they are still in a world of hurt. When they try this method though, they Get Better!


Heal Your Back Pain Now!

If Your Back Hurts then I highly recommend that you checkout this Muscle Balance Therapy for Back Sprains by the Back Institute. It can completely heal a twisted back or years of back hurts and sciatica in 21 days! With 98% relief in only 3 days. Just click on the DVD and box below and take your game to the next level now!

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